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EasyCLI 0.06

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Released: Jun 13, 2012
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Release Notes


EasyCLI is a command shell for the Commodore 64. The homepage for EasyCLI is

Version 0.06

This is the sixth alpha release of EasyCLI. This version includes many, many bug fixes, plus the addition of scripting. A lot of changes were made to support scripting and so I'm sure new bugs have appeared, but my regression tests (which use scripting) seem to be going pretty well.

Changes since last version

  • New command: ECHO - Outputs text following the command
  • New command: PAUSE - displays prompt and waits for user to input a key
  • New command: EXEC - Executes a script. Scripts are chains of commands that will be executed in a sequence. Scripts can be chained together by including another EXEC command at the end of the script. This is very useful because the longer a script is the longer it takes to execute the commands in the script since the script must be reloaded after each command, so chaining together small scripts is faster than one big script.
  • Too many bug fixes to list here.

Version 0.05

This is the figth alpha release of EasyCLI. This version incorporates a new help system. Currently help is only supplied for a couple of commands, but all are stubbed in. This version also includes a new command input mechanism based on CONIO instead of STDIO. All commandlets have received updates to better utilize the pathing mechanism and report problems with edge cases.

Changes since last version

  • New Help System
  • Pathing implemented on all commandlets
  • New input mechanism based on CONIO is more reliable than old STDIO based input mechanism.
  • Hit CTRL-D to cycle through devices.
  • Hit cursor up to put last command on edit line
  • Much improved edge case notification on pathing errors with each commandlet.

Version 0.04

This is the fourth alpha release of EasyCLI. This version contains many changes, but the most important is the implementation of a generic pathing mechanism that is not tied to a specific hardware standard. This version includes the first release of the copy and move commands. Copy/Move works, but there's still some bugs and there's a lot of debug messages in the output (which some may find interesting to see).

Changes since last version

  • The drive detection mechanism is smarter and sets a flag for each drive that helps the pathing mechanism build paths for the specified device.
  • Changed some behaviors of the DIR commandlet. This improves the likelihood that your query is processed by the drive and not just getting an empty list.
  • Many other changes, too many to list.

Known issues

  • For some reason, STDIN is corrupted after performing a file transfer so the gets() command is constantly returning EOF. To recover from this condition, hit the restore key which will reset EasyCLI to it's original state. You will lose the paths you are on when you do this. I am working on a fix.
  • Sometimes the path listed on the command prompt is slightly different than the real path. I am working on a fix.
  • The new pathing mechanism is not yet employed by the MKDIR, DIR, DEL, REN, and RMDIR commandlets.
  • I'm sure there are many, many bugs.

Version 0.03

This is the third release of EasyCLI. This release incorporates the following new functionality:
  • MKDIR commandlet
  • RMDIR commandlet
  • REN commandlet
  • DEL commandlet

Changes since last version

  • The dispatcher has been reorganized in preparation of scripting. Also, several new functions are now shared among commandlets to provide an easier design pattern for implementing individual commandlets.

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