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This command invokes the help system in EasyCLI. The help system uses small commandlets for each known command that contain the text of the help. This makes it easy for commandlet authors to create their help files.

What does it know?

There are currently help files for the following commands:

The Guts

Here is an example of a commandlet's help file. These help files are written as assembler and compile directly to $4000.

.segment "HELPCD"

.addr *

.byte "CD - Change Directory", $0D
.byte "", $0D
.byte "USAGE:", $0D
.byte "  cd path", $0D
.byte "", $0D
.byte "EXAMPLE:", $0D
.byte "  cd 9#0://test", $0D
.byte "", $0D
.byte "SUMMARY:", $0D
.byte "  Changes the current path to the path", $0D
.byte "  specified as an argument.  Can change", $0D
.byte "  the current device and drive", $0D
.byte "  according to the path specified.", $0D
.byte "", $0D
.byte "SEE ALSO", $0D
.byte "  help path - Information about writing", $0D
.byte "  paths.", $0D

.byte $00

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